Answers to Glassdoor’s Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions

Have any of you apprehend Glassdoor’s Top 25 Oddball Account Questions?

If not, I accept affected in the questions below. Glassdoor aggregate the top 25 weirdest account questions for 2013. I wish to allocution to you about the questions and aberrant account questions in general.

  1. “If you were to get rid of one accompaniment in the US, which would it be and why?” – Asked at Forrester Research, Research Associate candidate.
  2. “How abounding beasts are in Canada?” – Asked at Google, Local Data Quality Evaluator candidate.
  3. “How abounding abode would you charge to adeptness the acme of the Empire Accompaniment building?” – Asked at JetBlue, Pricing/Revenue Management Analyst candidate.
  4. “A penguin walks through that aperture appropriate now cutting a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?” – Asked at Clark Construction Group, Appointment Engineer candidate.
  5. “What songs best describes your plan ethic?” – Asked at Dell, Consumer Sales candidate.
  6. “Jeff Bezos walks into your appointment and says you can accept a actor dollars to barrage your best ambitious idea. What is it?” – Asked at Amazon, Product Development candidate.
  7. “What do you anticipate about if you are abandoned in your car?” – Asked at Gallup, Associate Analyst candidate.
  8. “How would you amount your memory?” – Asked at Marriott, Front Desk Associate candidate.
  9. “Name 3 antecedent Nobel Prize Winners.” – Asked at BenefitsCONNECT, Appointment Manager candidate.
  10. “Can you say: ‘Peter Pepper Picked a Pickled Pepper’ and cross-sell a abrasion apparatus at the aforementioned time?” – Asked at MasterCard, Call Centre candidate.
  11. “If we came to your abode for dinner, what would you adapt for us?” – Asked at Trader Joe’s, Crew candidate.
  12. “How would humans acquaint in a absolute world?” – Asked at Novell, Software Engineer candidate.
  13. “How do you accomplish a adolescent sandwich?” – Asked at Astron Consulting, Appointment Manager candidate.
  14. “My wife and I are traveling on vacation, area would you recommend?” – Asked at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Advisory Associate candidate.
  15. “You are a arch chef at a restaurant and your aggregation has been called to be on Iron Chef. How do you adapt your aggregation for the antagonism and how do you advantage the antagonism for your restaurant?” – Asked at Accenture, Business Analyst candidate.
  16. “Estimate how abounding windows are in New York.” – Asked at Bain & Company, Associate Consultant candidate.
  17. “What’s your admired song? Accomplish it for us now.” – Asked at LivingSocial, Adventures City Manager candidate.
  18. “Calculate the bend of two alarm pointers if time is 11:50.” – Asked at Bank of America, Software Developer candidate.
  19. “Have you anytime baseborn a pen from work?” – Asked at Jiffy Software, Software Architect candidate.
  20. “Pick two celebrities to be your parents.” – Asked at Urban Outfitters, Sales Associate candidate.
  21. “What kitchen apparatus would you be?” – Asked at, Marketer candidate.
  22. “If you had angry your corpuscle buzz to silent, and it rang actually audibly admitting it getting on silent, what would you acquaint me?” – Asked at Kimberly-Clark, Biomedical Engineer candidate.
  23. “On a calibration from one to ten, amount me as an interviewer.” – Asked at Kraft Foods, Accepted Laborer candidate.
  24. “If you could be anyone else, who would it be?” – Asked at, Sales Representative candidate.
  25. “How would you absolute anyone abroad on how to baker an omelet?” – Asked at PETCO, Analyst candidate.

First, yes these are actual awe-inspiring account questions after a doubt!!! So, what is accident actuality in 2013? Essentially, HR professionals are acceptable psychologists after a attitude degree. Now, is that a bad thing? Able-bodied it depends on your opinion. In the comments area of that article, one being commented, “At the account date you are up adjoin some dozen added baddest candidates whom so carefully bout you, as if all were cut from the aforementioned mold. How do you differentiate? How do you cruise up a able-bodied rehearsed, assured interviewee? You ask one of these questions. Yes, as asinine as it sounds, it all factors in. It’s not so abundant the answer, but how you react. Even if the catechism is meant to conciliate or breach the ice, afresh the way you acknowledge will matter.” This is actual true. However, there are about 50 of these blazon of comments, “I would say and if you accept a catechism that in fact relates to the job, my abilities for it, and my strengths and weaknesses as an employee, I will be blessed to answer.” OR “I actually abhorrence these blazon of arrested job account questions. Why are you crumbling my time?”

Again, depending how you attending at it will appearance your opinion. Lets dive into it.

If you accord the closing acknowledgment of, this is arrested or stop crumbling my time; what do you anticipate the accuser will do or say? Chances are that blazon of acknowledgment will not augur able-bodied them.

Here’s the abstruse to answering a lot of account questions.

It’s not consistently about your acknowledgment and accepting the absolute acknowledgment to every account question. Instead, interviewers wish to see your acknowledgment to the question. Do you stumble, attending away, constitutional on, lie, deceive, accomplish something up, cycle your eyes… the account goes on.

One catechism I frequently asked in every individual account was, “What is one accepted delusion about you?” Honestly, I did not affliction what the acknowledgment was because it wasn’t important to condoning you for the job, however, what I was searching for is how you acknowledgment an offbeat catechism and what would acknowledgment be. These affectionate of things appear all the time if you are affair with top akin executives. They ask you questions you weren’t able for. What will be your response?

Questions like these acquaint an accuser what you will do in a top burden situation!

While I’m not advocating for added of these awe-inspiring questions in interviewing, I do accept that they accept their abode in archetypal account questions.

So how do you acknowledgment these questions

Below are two answers I affected from the comments section… Can you amount out which of the two is the bigger answer?

7. “What do you anticipate about if you are abandoned in your car?” My acknowledgment would be “When I’m in my car abandoned I anticipate about interviewers who ask brainless questions that accept actually annihilation to do with my adeptness to accomplish the job.”

Answer to amount 3: You charge absolutely 4 quarters. Nobody defined coins, so I accept to accept fractions of the whole.

Honestly – which one do you anticipate ANY accuser would wish to hear? While on the surface, all these questions assume “stupid” or “moronic”, they will bandy off even the a lot of able candidate. The accuser wants to see how you will act on the job and in ANY job, ambit assurance are consistently befuddled at you. How will you acknowledge if a ambit brawl is thrown?

There are a few means you can access an acknowledgment to any blazon of artificial account question.

Get artistic and accept fun.

  • This is your adventitious to breach the account cast and accept some fun. At the end of the day, there is no appropriate or amiss acknowledgment to any of these account questions; it’s all about your reaction, which we discussed above.
  • Keep your responses absolute and break abroad from annihilation negative.
  • As we already apparent you aloft in the examples, while it is accept to think, “what a brainless question”, do not say it! Refer to the aloft approach. Accept fun with it and acquaint a antic maybe.
  • Don’t absolve your shoulders.
  • Next to the abrogating response, adage “I don’t know”, is just as bad. This is interviewing 101. Never say, “I don’t know” to any catechism ever!